Choosing an Applicant Tracking System? Know the right questions to ask!

Online Recruiting has some excellent advice and tips for decision makers when considering an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Aside from determining type ATS to match your business’ size and scope, they also advise seeking expert assistance in reviewing your current business processes and implementing the new ATS:

An experienced onsite recruiter/implementation expert can help ensure an ATS is effectively rolled out and ensure that benefits are realised earlier. Ask your prospective ATS supplier what help and guidance they can offer in this respect.

Additional points to consider are:

  1. Determine what it is you want the system to do: From managing resumes to reporting – have an idea of the processes and ATS can facilitate
  2. Find out the adaptability of the system: Can it integrate social networking features or changing compliance requirements?
  3. Ask key questions of your implementation team like:
  • Length of time for the implementation?
  • How is training to be managed?
  • How are the ATS and its users to be supported?

The significance of a successful Applicant Tracking System implementation is summarized by Chris Phillips:

An effective applicant tracking system will help grow your talent pool, enabling you to identify potential candidates as soon as the vacancy opens up. This saves significant sums by reducing both the need to advertise and the costs of sourcing candidates from agencies. Finally, because an ATS can be configured to provide a standard framework from which to identify the most suitable candidates, it provides greater accuracy and objectivity than would otherwise be possible when making hires. For employers, this means a decrease in staff attrition, saving you the cost of having to re-recruit and onboard new employees.

Read the entire article here .

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