For 2011, Think Blue Ocean Recruiting

Jason Warner at has a great review of the book Blue Ocean Strategy.  It offers practical tips to help guide your recruiting strategy.
According to Jason:
The goal of Blue Ocean strategy is to not outperform your competition in a particular industry, but to create a new market: a Blue Ocean.
The truly game-changing strategies are the ones that will lead your company out of the spaces where most companies compete for talent and into the Blue Ocean of less (or un) contested market spaces for talent.
Mr Warner offers the following questions to help guide your recruiting strategy to that reduced-competition “Blue Ocean”:
  • Which Factors Do Recruiters in Your Industry Take for Granted that Should Be Eliminated?
  • Which Factors Should Be Reduced Well Below the Industry Standards?
  • Which Factors Should Be Raised Well Above the Industry Standards?
  • Which Factors Should be Created that Don’t Exist Today?
Here’s the full review of Blue Ocean Strategy.
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